General Manager of Page One Technology attended the 6th


On December 20, the 6th Haixi Pearl Cup 2015 "Drumming Waves Listening to the Waves" Summit Forum was grandly held in the International Conference Hall on the 4th floor of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Well-known e-commerce marketing experts from all over the country gathered in Xiamen to sit down and discuss, with the theme of "Transformation, Improvement, and Breakthrough", focusing on the hot spots of the entire online retail industry chain one by one, and deeply discussing the future development trends of the e-commerce industry.



Ye Ao, President of Xiamen Online Retail Enterprises Association, delivered a speech



In this summit forum, Mr. Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Network Technology, attended the conference as a guest speaker and shared new thinking on e-commerce in the digital era around the theme of "Mastering the Digital World and Exploiting the Global Market". Today, when Internet + new thinking is advocated, the constantly innovative e-commerce thinking is both an opportunity and a challenge for foreign trade companies engaged in cross-border e-commerce. To this end, Mr. Sun Rongrong shared in this meeting how foreign trade companies can make good use of digital networks for cross-border marketing.



Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Page Technology, shares new ideas about e-commerce


The 2015 Sixth "Gulang Tingtao" Summit Forum, under the guidance of Xiamen Municipal Commerce Bureau and Huli District Government, was hosted by Xiamen Online Retail Enterprises Association, Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, Fujian E-Commerce Association, and Black Horse Club , Xiamen Express Industry Association, Xiamen Logistics Association, Xiamen Enterprise Investment and Financing Promotion Association, Quanzhou E-Commerce Association, and Longyan E-Commerce Association co-organized.

Zheng Yao, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Commerce Bureau who attended the forum, said that in recent years, the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have actively responded to the State Council’s call to actively develop the “Internet +” industry and integrate e-commerce into the strategy of building “Beautiful Xiamen” and “Smart Xiamen” deploy. This year, the Xiamen Municipal Government has specially formulated and introduced 23 support measures to promote the development of e-commerce, creating a good development environment for e-commerce.


According to the 2015 (Part 1) China E-commerce Market Data Monitoring Report, in the first half of this year, the national e-commerce transaction volume was 7.63 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.4%. Among them, B2B transaction volume was 5.8 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.8%. The scale of online retail transactions was 1.61 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 48.7%. As of June this year, the number of direct employees employed by e-commerce service companies nationwide exceeded 2.55 million, and the number of jobs indirectly driven by e-commerce has exceeded 18.35 million.

Zheng Yao introduced that from January to October this year, Xiamen’s e-commerce transaction volume reached 218 billion yuan, an increase of 71%; online retail sales reached 17.8 billion yuan, an increase of 68%; cross-border e-commerce transaction volume exceeded 86 billion yuan, an increase of 50% .


With the establishment of a free trade zone in Xiamen, how Xiamen’s e-commerce industry develops cross-border e-commerce in the era of free trade has also become the focus of attention.

Guests activated the wisdom tree and took selfies

Ye Ao, president of the organizer Xiamen Online Retail Enterprises Association, said that as one of the first batch of national e-commerce demonstration cities, Xiamen’s e-commerce industry, especially as it enters the era of free trade this year, must take advantage of and give full play to Xiamen’s advantages to achieve cross-border implementation. A breakthrough for e-commerce companies. At the same time, President Ye introduced that the association will unite various forces in Xiamen to promote the development of cross-border commerce and accelerate Xiamen's transformation into a national e-commerce demonstration city and a "cross-border e-commerce hub."

In this forum, e-commerce marketing experts put forward constructive opinions and innovative ideas for the development of Xiamen’s online retail format, as well as shared practical experience to help the development of e-commerce in Xiamen and even Fujian.


Amazon China Vice President Li Zhuosheng, Xtep Group Vice President Xiao Lihua, Alibaba Merchant Business Division Operations Expert Yun Feng and other e-commerce giants successively shared their thoughts on the development of online retail such as cross-border e-commerce.

How do traditional enterprises achieve transformation with the help of e-commerce? And how should existing e-commerce companies or platforms achieve self-improvement? And how to achieve breakthroughs in e-commerce companies with the help of cross-border?


Xiao Lihua, vice president of Xtep Group, believes that "Internet + .

The two sub-venues in the afternoon were also exciting. With the theme of "Transformation, Improvement and Breakthrough", e-commerce marketing experts focused on the hot spots of the entire online retail industry chain one by one, and deeply discussed the future development trends of the e-commerce industry. The future e-commerce path of enterprises is re-examined.

Some guests of the forum

Google China partner (General Manager of First Page Network Technology) Sun Rongrong, domestic tea e-commerce giant Zuipin Mall CEO Ye Ao, Qingtaojiao founder Chen Yuanhe, Wanxiang Mall Vice President Lu Yang, General Manager Han Tao, Qiu Jing, chairman of Zero Point Ant Technology, Song Chunshu, general manager of Xiamen EMS, Tu Chunrong, CEO of Zero Degree, Chen Jintian, e-commerce manager of Hengan Group, Huang Zhenhua, vice president of Leshang Yunji, Chen Minmin, general manager of Shanghai Shangpai Circulation Division, and people in charge of Taku E-commerce Ren Han Liu, Leo, director of self-registration business in Amazon's Seattle headquarters in North America, Cai Jinfa, CEO of Xiamen Festival Walk, Chen Qinfeng, vice president of Xiamen Festival Walk, Yan Chenhao, deputy general manager of Poly International, Li Changyu, sales director of Aitao, and other important guests sat down to discuss the topic. , bringing new ideas to these e-commerce topics and sharing exciting content.


Industry insiders believe that the "Gulang Tingtao" summit forum has been held for six consecutive years, establishing a communication platform for the Xiamen and even Haixi e-commerce circles, providing ideas for the development of e-commerce companies, and effectively integrating resources from all parties, promoting the Haixi e-commerce industry. With the development of Haixi's e-commerce industry, the "Gulang Tingtao" summit forum has become one of the most important e-commerce summit forums in Haixi. This e-commerce feast is bound to affect the Haixi e-commerce landscape and shake up the Haixi economic circle.