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  • ✔️SEO Site System with Software Copyright
  • ✔️Multilingual Site with 104 Languages
  • ✔️Responsive Website Design
  • ✔️Quality Server Space
  • ✔️Value-Packed Optimization Service
  • ✔️1-to-1 VIP Service


First Page Multilingual Website Marketing and Promotion Service helps export enterprises establish native-language localization business promotion. We offer 104 language options to better meet global buyer demands. From website design to content publishing to website optimization and advertising service promotion, we provide comprehensive promotion services. With nearly 20 years of experience in promotion, we help export enterprises easily achieve brand promotion effects and sales leads.

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Multilingual Marketing

A Brand-new All-in-one Marketing Model

Make Your Export Business Super Easy and Quick
Expanding on our multilingual marketing services, we now offer comprehensive website content management. Our seasoned team, with over 6 years of experience, ensures high-quality content optimization and distribution across your site. Add the following content
    • ✔️In-depth operational services
    • ✔️Google Ads


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Easy to Export

Help corporate websites go online in 14 days

Boutique SEO Marketing Website
  • ✔️Full English Site
  • ✔️Comes with SEO function
  • ✔️Responsive Website Design
  • ✔️Helped launch 30 products
  • ✔️An international domain name
  • ✔️14 Days Delivery


Here we provide boutique websites to choose from, click to see more, choose the website style you want, and we will have a one-to-one operation consultant contact you.

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Intelligent Cloud Site

Google Ads Agent, Excellent partner

We are the 6th Google overseas experience center in China
      • ✔️The only agent with nearly 20 years of SEO experience
      • ✔️Google's core agent in Greater China
      • ✔️AM team with over 8 years of experience


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Google SEM Service
  • Google Core Partner
Xiamen Google Overseas Experience Center, the sixth in China. Xiamen First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for operations.
Google Core Partner

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Company News

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  • 02-08
    Review of the 2023 First Page Mobilization Assembly
    Crafting Dreams with Ingenuity, Aspiring to the Summit   Xiamen First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd 2023 First Page Mobilization Conference Successfully held at the Xiamen headquarters on January 31 and February 1.   Special Training         ● Award Ceremony   ●Team Champion: Assault Team     ● 6thAnniversary Commemorative Ring   Mobilization Conference Banquet   Saluting 2022, Anticipating 2023       
  • 01-13
    The joyous relocation of the First Page Shenzhen Branch
      2023.1.11, 11:00 AM   First Page Shenzhen Branch Office Relocation Ceremony   Held at Building 3, Room 503, 1970 Tech Town~       In response to the growth and expansion needs of the Shenzhen team, and to better facilitate the rapid development of First Page's international trade and overseas services in the Shenzhen region, the Shenzhen branch has relocated to a new address at Building 3, Room 503, 1970 Tech Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen.       1970 Tech Town, conveniently located with excellent transportation, can provide better and faster corporate services for our business clients.     Set against a picturesque backdrop with flowing waters in the front and mountains in the back, providing employees with a better working experience. United in Building Dreams for Development, Gathering Momentum to Empower and Nurture Talent.     Warmly welcome all our clients and friends to visit and guide our work at the company. In the new year, let's set sail together and explore the seas!  
  • 12-23
    The Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce visited our company for research and guidance
    On the afternoon of December 14, 2022, Deputy Director Lin Zhenya of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Director Xie Xin of the Foreign Trade Department, and other leaders visited Xiamen First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. for research and guidance. Sun Rongyao, the General Manager of First Page, warmly welcomed the visiting leaders.      The 2022 project report       At the meeting, Sun Rongyao, the General Manager of First Page, delivered a presentation on the overall situation of the 'AMOY BRAND' 2022 project, a Xiamen-branded overseas portal website fully operated by First Page and spearheaded by the Xiamen Bureau of Commerce. The presentation covered operational data analysis, identified shortcomings, and outlined the necessary support for the project.     AMOY BRAND In 2022, with the guidance of the Xiamen Bureau of Commerce, the Xiamen-branded overseas portal website, under the joint efforts of First Page and Xiamen's outbound branded enterprises, has seen a significant increase in platform inclusion.   Compared to the previous year, the overall user traffic for the outbound portal increased by 1590.1%, and the session count grew by 1695.4%.   As of now, there have been visits and views from a total of 241 countries worldwide, with an impressive interaction count exceeding 2.89 million times (an increase of 1.13 million compared to last year).   The total page views of the website have reached an impressive 5.93 million and counting.   The inquiry growth rate has surged to 149.94%, and the growth rate of confirmed customers has reached an impressive 158.92%.     To better assist Chinese brands in going global and promote 'Internet + Foreign Trade,' First Page has expanded its promotional efforts beyond the existing 'AMOY BRAND' platform. New additions include various promotion modes on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and more, enhancing support for enterprises in international marketing.    Directional guidance    uring the period, Director Lin highly praised the progress of the portal website in 2022 and provided guidance requirements:   First Page will persist in its mission to provide a profit-boosting tool for Chinese export enterprises and strive to be the leading service provider for the promotion of foreign trade businesses.   Moving forward, we will continue to enhance amoybrand.com, making it more accessible for a greater number of Xiamen-based foreign trade enterprises and elevating the global influence of Chinese brands.   In 2023, let's embrace change together and set sail for the open seas!  
  • 08-31
    The First Page Zhuhai Branch is officially open for business
    The first day of the eighth month The official opening ceremony of First Page Zhuhai Branch took place!         After Xiamen, Hefei, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Quanzhou, Zhongshan, and Wuxi, the Zhuhai branch becomes the ninth branch of First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. nationwide (the eleventh city service point). It is also the fourth city service point opened by First Page in Guangdong, following Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Zhongshan. The establishment of the Zhuhai branch signifies that First Page will bring its services to more foreign trade enterprises in Guangdong Province. We warmly welcome both new and existing customers to visit us at any time. Next, First Page will also prepare to establish branches in more provinces and cities, aiming to serve a greater number of Chinese foreign trade export enterprises.    

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