The first page invites Xia Tao to talk about the Internet and foreign trade trends


On December 22, 2015, the foreign trade Internet marketing seminar hosted by First Page Network Technology and co-organized by the Foreign Trade Huangpu Military Academy (Chuangfu Internet) was held in the First Page conference room on the first floor of Meihua Building, West District, Huli High-tech Park. This conference specially invited Mr. Xia Tao, who has 14 years of experience in e-commerce, cross-border, and brand operations, to attend the meeting as a lecturer. I would like to thank Mr. Xia Tao for his wonderful sharing with the guests, and also thank Mr. Xia Tao for his introduction to the first page. Network technology support.


Specially invited teacher Xia Tao to speak at the Foreign Trade Internet Marketing Conference

The meeting was packed with seats, with more than 150 foreign trade industry partners participating. Teacher Xia Tao gave a professional sharing on the theme of "Internet + Foreign Trade Trends". He led everyone to understand the Internet transformation trend of foreign trade, guided friends from foreign trade companies to think about the development direction of foreign trade companies under the current Internet trend, and shared a wealth of practical information on foreign trade online marketing.


Teacher Xia Tao’s Q&A interaction with guests

Teacher Xia Tao emphasized that in the Internet environment, companies should build their own portal marketing platforms. Promote corporate websites through various effective channels, break traditional foreign trade marketing channels, and allow customers to actively come to you through various Internet channels. This is also the method advocated by First Page Network Technology in the foreign trade marketing innovation model. This is like an enterprise setting up a "home" for itself in the Internet era. Once a "home" is established, it will have a solid foundation. In the Internet wave Rise hard.


Teacher Xia Tao explains how to build an excellent foreign trade website

There are thousands of websites on the Internet, so how do you make your website stand out? Teacher Xia Tao explained in detail the practical strategies for website optimization and promotion. In addition, Mr. Zeng Hui, sales director of First Page Network Technology, and Mr. Yuan Shufu, senior sales manager, conducted website analysis and shared successful online marketing promotion cases for foreign trade friends on site.


Mr. Zeng Hui, Sales Director of First Page Network Technology, conducted website analysis at the meeting

At the Wuzhen Internet Conference that just passed, President Xi Jinping put forward the "Four Principles" and "Five Points" on Internet development, which guided the direction of future Internet development. The Internet is a rare development opportunity for China, and the new economic development model of "Internet +" has also risen to the level of national development strategy. I believe that foreign trade friends participating in this conference also feel the sense of urgency to adapt to the general trend of the Internet , traditional foreign trade enterprises are facing development opportunities and at the same time an unprecedented challenge. I hope that this conference will benefit all the guests and make it a worthwhile trip. We will continue to act to help more foreign trade friends achieve breakthrough development Medium! Stay tuned for more foreign trade marketing training sessions!