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  Google's core agents, Since 2015

2015: The First Page was recognized as a top-tier Google premier partner.
We became the sole agency in China possessing over 10 years of independent site optimization and Google SEO experience.


2016: The sixth Google Overseas Experience Center was established nationwide.
With support from Google and the Xiamen government, The First Page founded the sixth Google Overseas Experience Center in the country, operating independently.



  Google SEO Marketing, Self-built Website Program


Marketing independent website system, multi-lingual system, AI application, in line with Google SEO optimization, adaptive mobile and PC device access, independent development program.

Independent website program: Based on many years of Google SEO experience, the first page has independently developed a set of marketing-type self-built website programs. Maximize compliance with Google spider crawling rules; in addition, based on API big data, the Google intelligent translation system is embedded into the self-built website system to achieve multi-lingual website building procedures.

Original designed website interface: Each website on the first page is designed to be an original and personalized independent website based on the specific conditions of different industries and companies. In terms of industry adaptability, visual beauty, user experience and Google spider experience, it fully meets the standards of enterprises, users and Google.


  Nearly 20 years of experience in independent website operation and Google SEO

2006-present: The first page has been engaged in and researched the construction and marketing of independent websites for more than ten years. We have accumulated a large amount of industry big data and rich experience in the operation and promotion of independent websites for enterprises, helping more and more corporate brands to successfully promote their brands globally and achieve export business. increase.

SEO is the basis for independent website operation. We combine it with advertising promotion to help companies obtain more buyer leads at the lowest cost.



  Experienced Technical and Operations Team

Authoritative, professional and experienced technical team: The first page technology headquarters is located in Hefei, a national city of science and technology and culture. It has a large technical team of nearly a hundred technical personnel. The team leader has more than ten years of Google promotion experience and leads the team. Having gone through various stages of Google's development, the average length of service of the middle and senior technical managers of the entire technical team is more than 5 years. For Internet companies that are at the forefront of the times, a strong, reliable and trustworthy technical team is the greatest guarantee for our later promotion and marketing results;

A Mature After-Sales Service Execution System: Every order placement operation is governed by a complete set of standardized, rigorous, and orderly execution processes. During the cooperation service period, multiple departments collaborate to complete the project's operational execution. Each department works together in unity and mutual support.

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