First Page Foreign Trade Network Marketing Tour Seminar Concluded Successfully


The Internet+ era is an era that uses information and communication technology and Internet platforms to deeply integrate the Internet with traditional industries and create a new development ecology. The key is innovation. Only innovation can make this + truly valuable and meaningful. For the traditional foreign trade industry, foreign trade development is becoming more and more challenging. Now in the Internet era, many foreign trade companies are not ready to adapt and take advantage of this trend to achieve innovative development. To this end, First Page Network Technology carried out four roving seminars on the topic of foreign trade Internet marketing in November, which is a good year for e-commerce. They were held in Xiamen, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen respectively to explore with friends from foreign trade companies from all over the world. Under the general trend of the Internet, how companies can use the Internet for overseas marketing.

On November 17, 2015, the conference was held at Xiamen Peony International Hotel, with Mr. Zeng Hui, Sales Director of Xiamen Page Network Technology, as the keynote speaker. Mr. Zeng Hui emphasized that in the Internet era, enterprises should have the blood of new thinking flowing, and digital marketing is an important new marketing thinking for foreign trade companies to embark on the road of innovative e-commerce. During the meeting, Mr. Zeng Hui shared a lot of practical information on digital marketing. In addition, Google, as the world's largest search engine, is an important promotion channel in overseas marketing of foreign trade. In this meeting, Ms. Wang Jingjing, senior manager of Google, was specially invited to attend the meeting to answer the questions encountered by foreign trade friends in overseas Google promotion. problems and confusions.




Foreign Trade Internet Marketing Seminar—Xiamen Station





Google Manager Wang answers questions on-site at the meeting




On November 18, 2015, the conference was held at the Wanda Vista Hotel in Quanzhou. Mr. Sun Rongrong, general manager of Xiamen Page Network Technology, was the keynote speaker. Mr. Sun Rongrong has 15 years of experience in foreign trade promotion management and is good at external informatization of export enterprises, online advertising, and promotion operation management. During the meeting, Mr. Sun Rongrong pointed out that the development of traditional foreign trade enterprises must comply with the new Internet + business model proposed by the national top-level design for Chinese enterprises, and shared how enterprises should control digital networks for integrated foreign trade marketing, including SEO, Google AdWords and SEM The use of professional foreign trade marketing and promotion channels.




Foreign Trade Internet Marketing Seminar—Quanzhou Station




On November 24th and 25th, 2015, the "Foreign Trade Internet Marketing Seminar" hosted by First Page Network Technology and co-organized by Chuangfu Internet (Foreign Trade Huangpu Military Academy) was held in Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively. Mr. Xia Tao, who has been focusing on e-commerce, cross-border, and brand operations for 14 years, served as a lecturer. Focusing on the future of foreign trade and the Internet+ trend, he explained and analyzed how traditional foreign trade can transform into a new cross-border e-commerce model for the foreign trade friends present. Foreign trade network marketing promotion strategies and techniques and other practical information on network integrated marketing for foreign trade to win overseas markets.



A photo of the first page staff and Xia Tao




Foreign Trade Internet Marketing Seminar—Guangzhou Station





Foreign Trade Internet Marketing Seminar—Shenzhen Station




With the conclusion of the Shenzhen station seminar on November 25, the foreign trade online marketing tour seminar held by First Page Network Technology in November 2015 came to a successful conclusion. The Internet + foreign trade trend has made waves in the industry. The future of foreign trade is closely related to the Internet. How to efficiently conduct foreign trade online marketing is a valuable sharing and exchange course that keeps pace with the times for friends who are engaged in foreign trade. I believe that in this meeting, foreign trade friends participating in the meeting will be able to think more about the development status of their own companies while getting useful information, thereby helping companies find suitable development methods and channels in the general trend.