First Page invites you to Think with Google together



On March 29, 2019, the "Think with Google" Annual Summit by Google will be held in Beijing. During the event, discussions with participants will delve into the latest business trends and explore global business opportunities.

To provide a firsthand experience for more customers, Google will livestream the Beijing Summit at multiple Google Outbound Experience Centers nationwide.

As a core partner of Google, First Page will broadcast the entire content of the summit. We sincerely invite you to visit First Page | Google Outbound Experience Center, watch the Beijing Summit, experience our products, stand at the forefront of the era, and grasp economic trends!


Key highlights:

  1. Unveiling the 2019 BrandZ™ China Top 50 Brands for Outbound Expansion: Google and WPP Group will draw inspiration from the most successful Chinese brands in overseas markets, contemplating the essentials to capture global attention.

  2. In-depth Understanding of YouTube Rules of the Game: Assisting you in reaching a global audience and driving user growth through influential content and brand strategies.