The First Page New Employee Training Conference


Spring is here, and with it, a new group of colleagues joined First Page. From March 18th to March 22nd, First Page Network Technology held a five-day training conference for the new employees.

First, all staff warmly welcomed the newcomers, injecting fresh blood into our loving family, making us more youthful and vibrant.


Mr. Sun Rongyao, the General Manager of First Page Network Technology, first extended a warm welcome to the new members. He then opened the doors to online marketing based on his 20 years of experience in the industry, letting the new employees explore the past and present of this field. As they embark on this journey, there's much more waiting for them to discover.


Marketing Director Zeng Hui and Marketing Manager Yang Yang of First Page Network Technology also shared their experiences with the new employees. Whether it was Zeng Hui's earnest advice or Yang Yang's nurturing approach, they aimed to help these young individuals establish themselves in the industry and realize their value. Zeng Hui's rationality and rigor, coupled with Yang Yang's warmth and consideration, guided everyone from different perspectives.


The sharing session from outstanding employee representatives was an essential part of this new employee training conference. First Page's employees have always been eager to share. During this training session, outstanding employee representatives shared their knowledge of foreign trade, business skills, experience summaries, and insights comprehensively. On the road of internet marketing, everyone is a fellow traveler.

We warmly welcome the addition of new blood. It is because of them that we are full of vitality and have the courage to forge ahead. First Page has always believed that a company has its social responsibility. While gaining profits, we should not forget our essential duty as a pillar of the national economy. We continue to spread the latest internet marketing strategies for foreign trade enterprises. Simultaneously, we also emphasize the professional competence of our employees, hoping that as the company grows, our employees can also realize their value.