The 2018 annual meeting was held grandly



The years are silent, 2018 has passed quietly, and 2019 has arrived. Taking stock of this year's work history, every scene shows both growth and gain; both touching and gratifying; both difficulties and difficulties. The hand extended... From February 12 to 15, 2019, all employees of FirstFirst Page Network Technology gathered in Xiamen and held the 2019 "Hello, Dream" themed annual meeting, which heralded that we will continue to Enrich the wonderful work and bring more considerate and meticulous services to every customer on the first page.

The annual meeting is divided into four major chapters and proceeds in an orderly manner: gathering - awarding - sharing - training. Next, let’s relive those classic moments that are heart-warming, funny, or passionate.


On February 12, 2019, friends from Hefei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Fuzhou arrived at the headquarters in Xiamen one after another. The friends in Xiamen also carefully arranged the venue to welcome their families from afar. The rareness of getting together makes every encounter precious. After a quick get-together, we will get back to work. Everyone on FirstPage knows that we are not alone on this road. We accompany each other, support each other, and achieve each other's achievements. better self.


On the first page, hidden dragons and crouching tigers, the team of friends Lin Kongqing and Zuo Guowei, as the TOP team, imparted experience to everyone and shared the management experience of the TOP sales team; Huang Jie and Nie Xinyu are women who are not inferior to men, and TOP sales individuals share; Next, there are many excellent friends who have shared their experiences and lessons with you. A tree that embraces each other is born from the ground up. Only through the sharing and accumulation of everyone can the growth and progress of the enterprise be achieved.


We share experiences and we also share happiness. On the evening of February 14th, friends from all over the country tried their best to prepare songs, dances, sketches, musical instruments... The program was rich and colorful, and the friends really kept it secret.


In order to better serve customers, it is essential to improve skills. This annual meeting is also a rare training meeting. FirstPage Network Technology specially invited the famous training lecturer Qian Yongqiang to give a Training session on "Being a person with gratitude and doing things with a sense of responsibility". If the sharing session is aimed at improving the professional capabilities of our staff, then the purpose of this training session is more to remind us not to forget our original intention.


A rare gathering, an unforgettable time. On this stage woven with applause and smiles, in this big family full of warmth and harmony, let us wish together: I wish First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. to create greater glory in the new year; I wish our dear customers to have a prosperous future in the new year. Work goes smoothly and everything goes well in this year...