First Page Network Technology Sales Department Tianzhu Mountain Outdoor Activities


In November in Xiamen, the autumn air is crisp and the weather is sunny, which is a good time for outdoor leisure activities. On November 8, 2015, the Xiamen Sales Department of First Page Network Technology organized a team to conduct a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor leisure activity. The event was held at the Tianzhu Mountain landscape leisure base - "Duwai. Tianzhuyi", which is surrounded by mountains and rivers in Dongfu Town, Haicang District, allowing members of our team to get close to nature and release work stress after work. Adjust your mentality and live happily.


Experience the original stone grinding production process in a tofu workshop


Taste simple and natural classic delicacies

After tasting the delicious tofu pudding freshly baked by Hakka Mama Tofu House, our team began a mighty mountain climbing trip. Although the unusually high temperature of over 30 degrees in Xiamen in November made us sweat profusely and exhausted while climbing, it could not stop our team’s eagerness to reach higher places. The journey of mountain climbing is like moving forward in life. Although the journey is long and difficult, as long as you keep moving forward bravely and work hard, you can reach your own peak. Look, what a passionate and energetic team. On the way to the mountain, there are singing, laughter, helping each other, chasing each other, a team heading towards the same destination, it is the team that continues to work for A team that unites and strives for the same goal.

They say that when fishing, you have to fish hard. Just calm down, keep your breath, and wait patiently, and the fish will definitely take the bait. Look, the partners in this team can’t wait to come to the river fishing area and start experiencing the fun and true meaning of fishing. Every time a fish is caught, the friends make a fuss. It is a great sense of accomplishment to be able to catch a fish. It seems that catching fish is indeed quite a challenge for our inexperienced friends. Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t caught a fish. In fact, fishing tests patience and perseverance, and it also requires skills. I believe that after mastering some skills, catching big fish will not be difficult. Whether it is work or life, when doing many things, as long as you master the skills and put more thought into it, things will become easier. Although they lacked fishing experience, the partners who worked together caught a considerable number of fish.