Construction Industry


Collaboration: Since 2018

Increasing new project collaborations: 2019

Industry: Construction Industry

Main Products: Steel Structure System, Metal Cladding System, Cold Storage System, Clean Room System, etc.



This is a group company. The company was founded in the late 1970s. After more than thirty years of development, it has now become a company integrating the design, manufacturing, and construction of metal surface enclosure systems for buildings, the trade of coated steel plates, and the research and development of new building materials. An integrated group enterprise. It is currently China's largest building envelope material production base and China's largest coated steel plate trader. In the process of development, the scale of the enterprise continues to expand. Our First Page company helps the company promote their brands and products globally through the Internet. Help enterprises successfully achieve their annual export turnover growth goals.


Service Contents:

✅Automobile website design and Independent website construction

✅Full-site optimization

✅Deep content operation

✅Keyword optimization

✅multi-project collaboration

✅Google advertising promotion


Examples of promotion effects:

Annual new visitors: 30,000+

Annual effective consultation: 1000+


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