New Energy Industry


Collaboration: Since 2016

Industry: Solar industry / New Energy Industry

Main Products and Service: Solar tracking system, racking system, etc.




We have cooperated with Antai Company for 8 years and we are still cooperating today. The client company has branches in Japan and Australia, and offices in Shanghai, Vietnam, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia and other places. The company has a complete industrial chain integrating aluminum ingot casting, extrusion, oxidation and finishing, and is equipped with complete laboratory equipment to control product quality. It has developed into the largest aluminum factory in East China.


We are honored to be its professional overseas business promotion service provider. From providing website construction and technical support to overall website operation, website promotion, seo website optimization services, and Google advertising placement, we help customers formulate online promotion strategies in an all-round way. Create a better website experience, help companies establish overseas brand images, and at the same time provide more opportunities for companies to further expand their customers online.


Examples of promotion effects:




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