The Tianjin E-commerce Association visits First Page for exchange and learning


On July 3, 2017, a study tour group of 54 people led by Yan Qisong, Minister of Tianjin E-Commerce Association, came to the first page to exchange and learn. The two marketing directors and foreign trade marketing experts of First Page brought rich theme sharing to the guests, making the study tour worthwhile.

The study tour group led by Minister Yan Qisong is composed of teachers majoring in e-commerce from various universities in Tianjin. They have profound theoretical foundations. During the summer vacation, teachers want to gain more practical experience and hear the personal experiences of front-line foreign trade personnel. Better applied in teaching.


The opening chapter is "The Role of Traffic in Digital Marketing" brought by First Page Marketing Director Zeng Hui. Director Zeng is a senior lecturer on foreign trade e-commerce in South China. He joined the industry in 2004 and has 13 years of experience in Internet promotion. He is a professional in SEO, SEM, The master of SNS digital marketing. Director Zeng emphasized the important role of traffic in the foreign trade industry, analyzed how foreign trade companies enjoy network traffic, and considered from the buyer's perspective how buyers choose suppliers, how to enhance buyers' trust, and how to improve inquiry conversion. Director Zeng’s sharing was profound and simple, and his witty remarks kept the guests entertained.


Another first page director, Yang Yang, brings you "How to Improve the Combat Effectiveness of the Company's Official Website on Google". Yang Yang focused on explaining the Google rules. As an Internet marketing practitioner for 7 years, Director Yang already knows the Google rules by heart, and can understand the subtle psychology of customers with the meticulousness unique to women.

 The special guest on the first page, Mr. Huang Meng, brought you "2017 Zhangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Talent Talk". Mr. Huang Meng is currently the CEO of Zhangzhou Mango Gang. Zhangzhou Mango Gang is a group of people who focus on industrial development and are committed to the industry. A business association voluntarily formed by local foreign trade enterprises in Zhangzhou that are constantly innovating. Mr. Huang Meng has always been in contact with the front line of foreign trade and is well aware of the employment situation of foreign trade companies. He analyzed the current talent needs of companies to teachers, so that teachers can understand the current market conditions and better cultivate talents that are in short supply in the market.


Mr. Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Page, introduced the friendship between First Page and Google AdWords Experience Center to everyone in detail, introduced the design concept and functional divisions of the entire company, and also personally led everyone to visit the company. The design style of the entire company is simple and capable. At the same time, the design of the tea room retains the characteristics of southern Fujian. The Kung Fu tea attracts the attention of guests from afar; the leisure area is clean and bright, and the employees in the office area work seriously, conveying the company's working atmosphere. It is a combination of relaxation and seriousness, which is what a modern enterprise should have.



he one-day itinerary is full of useful information. College teachers teach, educate and cultivate talents, which are the front line for the generation of foreign trade talents. The first page has long-term contact with foreign trade companies and conducts in-depth research on the laws of foreign trade promotion. While talents are growing The process must be in-depth practice. The first page is to pass on 13 years of foreign trade promotion experience to future foreign trade people, so that they can avoid detours and invest in the foreign trade industry better and faster.