Company Sales Department Outdoor Leisure Activities


On June 10, 2017, the Xiamen Sales Department of First Page Network Technology organized a team to conduct a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor leisure activity. The event was held at Zhangzhou Emerald Bay. With the help of this event, our employees can get close to nature, release stress, deepen relationships, live happily and work seriously after work.


Game session, battle of wits and courage


Let the sky lanterns fly, write your wishes on paper, let the lanterns fly into the sky, and keep fighting for the wishes we wrote when we were young.



The two-day and one-night trip to Emerald Bay was relaxing and enjoyable. The friends had beautiful scenery to see and play games, which not only relaxed their body and mind but also enhanced their relationship. Next, they will devote themselves to work and life with a fuller spirit. Love life, work hard, come on FirstPage!