Google May Foreign Trade Promotion Training Conference


April meeting review

The Xiamen Station of the First Page Google Special Conference Concluded Successfully

On April 9, 2015, the first page offline conference - Google Overseas Promotion Special was held as scheduled at Xiamen Peony International Hotel. A total of 150 companies were present at the conference, and more than 200 people participated in the conference. This conference was jointly organized by Google and First Page for the first time to provide professional overseas promotion training for foreign trade companies.



First Page Network Technology has become a core partner of Google in China, which means that the services First Page can bring to customers will be more comprehensive and powerful. In the context of Internet big data, competition in the foreign trade industry almost depends on who finds suitable and effective promotion channels. Finding the right promotion channels is a bottleneck that many of our foreign trade companies have struggled to break through. First Page Network has rich experience in SEO overseas promotion, and Google is the global search engine giant. The gathering of two industry leaders can bring unprecedented inspiration and guidance to foreign trade companies.


Mr. Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Page Network Technology, and Ms. Linda, senior manager of Google, attended this meeting as main lecturers. First Page Network has been focusing on SEO overseas promotion for 9 years, and is well aware of the importance of search engine SEO through its rich experience. Whether it is Alibaba, Made in China, or other well-known B2B platforms, their main traffic sources are inseparable from search engine traffic. As a foreign trade company, SEO is also an effective way to attract traffic to corporate websites. For this reason, "How to do a good job in SEO" was the part that Mr. Sun Rongrong focused on explaining to the guests. He also emphasized that Google AdWords is one of the most cost-effective traffic-draining products.


Mr. Sun Rongrong’s SEO professional explanation


Linda, senior manager of Google, attended the meeting in person and brought many surprises to our foreign trade corporate customers. Linda conducted training on "How Google helps small and medium-sized enterprises in foreign trade". As the world's largest search engine, Google is a powerful channel for foreign trade companies to explore foreign markets. As a professional and effective overseas promotion product, Google AdWords is an excellent channel for foreign trade to gain a foothold overseas. Linda patiently explained how to do SEM well, how to let customers find the company, how to find and retain intended customers and other foreign trade issues, solving the confusion of many foreign trade customers.