First Page May Foreign Trade Seminar and Training Conference


First Page Network Technology held a total of 5 offline seminars and training sessions on foreign trade overseas promotion in May. These include Shenzhen and Guangzhou foreign trade promotion seminars (Google special session), and 3 foreign trade e-commerce seminars (Chamber of Commerce special session), namely: Quanzhou Online Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce (formerly Minquan Chamber of Commerce) Internet application special session, Quanzhou Online Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce enterprise website application Special session, Guangdong Provincial E-Commerce Development Promotion Association’s foreign trade e-commerce session.

Foreign trade promotion offline seminar and training session

"Internet +" is the general trend. Under the new economic form, the foreign trade industry needs clearer Internet marketing thinking. Many friends who are engaged in foreign trade also have a deep understanding that in the context of the Internet, companies that dare to innovate and make breakthroughs have a better chance of gaining an advantage in the competition. I am very grateful to Mr. Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Page Network Technology, Mr. Zeng Hui, marketing director, and Linda, senior manager of Google, who attended the meeting as lecturers and provided professional training and guidance for overseas promotion and promotion. Other issues that foreign trade friends are very concerned about.

5.7 Quanzhou Online Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce Internet Application Special Session

5.13 Shenzhen Conference Google Session

5.14 Guangzhou Conference Google Session

5.15 Guangdong Provincial E-Commerce Development Promotion Association Foreign Trade E-commerce Special Session

5.22 Quanzhou Online Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce Corporate Website Application Session

At the meeting, in response to the issue of developing foreign trade buyers, Mr. Sun Rongrong, who has many years of experience in Internet promotion, sorted out the evolution of development channels for foreign trade buyers and analyzed the effective channels for foreign trade companies to develop customers in the context of today's Internet big data. He pointed out that the purpose of online promotion for foreign trade companies is to obtain buyer traffic, so how should corporate websites attract traffic? To this end, Mr. Sun Rongrong explained traffic acquisition techniques such as search engine optimization and SNS community promotion. He emphasized that more than 70% of the world's Internet resources are controlled or integrated by Google, and also pointed out that Google AdWords is one of the most cost-effective traffic drainage products.



Regarding the traffic-draining methods and skills of Google as a promotion channel, the conference invited Google senior manager Linda to give the most professional explanation to foreign trade friends. Linda specially attended the Guangzhou and Shenzhen conferences and explained the effective channels and techniques for Google's overseas promotion. Including Google AdWords, Google search engine marketing and other practical techniques for attracting and promoting traffic.

Google senior manager Linda gave an on-site explanation

What kind of foreign trade company website will win the favor of search engines? Mr. Zeng Hui, who has 10 years of experience in Internet promotion, gave training on the working principles of search engines, website search engine optimization techniques and other contents at the Quanzhou Internet Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Website Application Special Session.