First Page Network Technology held its annual summary meeting for the year 2014


2014 has passed, and 2015 is looking forward to. To summarize the past and plan for the future, First Page Network Technology held a two-day annual summary meeting as scheduled at the Xiamen sales headquarters on February 28, 2015. This meeting gathered department directors and managers from various branches and offices of First Page Network Technology, including department directors and department managers of the Hefei Technology Center, sales managers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Foshan, as well as the sales director of the Xiamen Sales Headquarters and various Department Sales Manager.

This annual meeting allows regional department directors and department managers to gather together for face-to-face communication and exchange. Share resources from different regions, learn from successful cases in various regions, and learn from each other to promote each other. This annual meeting is not only a New Year's mobilization meeting, but also an exchange feast of learning and sharing.



  During the conference, leaders from each department, on behalf of their teams, summarized the work results of 2014 and presented the work goals for 2015. From the PPT carefully prepared by the partners and their words, although we cannot see every detail of the work in the past year, we can feel the joy and results of the shared responsibility and joint efforts. The focus of every team on First Page Network has always been to go all out to create value for customers. In order to make customers' investment return quickly, the team works together to help customers analyze and solve problems, and establish a tacit cooperative relationship with customers. This year's outstanding achievements are by no means accidental. They reflect the hard work and even dreams of every team member. In the new year, we must sum up the shortcomings of the past, work together again, and seek breakthroughs. Setting work goals for 2015 is a good wish based on summarizing past experience. The wish must be there, and we must work hard to make it come true.

 As a department leader, being good at learning, summarizing and sharing can not only improve one's own abilities, but also drive the improvement of the entire team. In this conference, the directors and managers of each department summarized their past work, extracted many successful experiences worth learning and referenced, and communicated with everyone. The customers served by First Page Network Technology are all over the country, serving foreign trade corporate customers in different regions and industries, making our experience resources more abundant. Through sharing and communication among directors and managers of various departments, a resource sharing platform is established to enhance team strength and cohesion, making First Page Network Technology's services more professional and comprehensive.




On the evening of March 1, 2015, the First Page network family welcomed the first "Reunion Dinner" of the new year. This annual summary meeting also came to a successful conclusion. The friends gathered together, eating, drinking, talking and laughing, and had a great time. It is such a united, passionate and dreamy team. Let’s raise a glass and drink together. In 2015, we will create greater glory with even more bold steps!