A group of people from Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce visited our company for research and guidance


On the afternoon of December 14, 2022, Lin Zhenya, Deputy Director of the Xiamen Municipal Commerce Bureau, Xie Xin, Director of the Foreign Trade Department and other leaders visited Xiamen First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance. Sun Rongrong, General Manager of First Page, warmly received the visiting leaders .





2022 project report


At the meeting, Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Page, gave a report on the overall situation, operational data analysis, deficiencies and required support of the Xiamen brand overseas portal "AMOY BRAND" 2022 project, which was led by the Xiamen Commerce Bureau and fully operated by First Page.





In 2022, under the guidance of the Xiamen Commerce Bureau and the joint efforts of First Page and Xiamen’s overseas brand enterprises, the platform’s inclusion status has increased significantly in 2022.

Compared with the previous year, the overall user visits to overseas websites increased by 1590.1%, and the number of sessions increased by 1695.4%.

So far, there have been visits and views from 241 countries around the world, and the number of interactions has reached 2.89 million+ times (an increase of 1.13 million times compared with last year).

The total number of website page views has reached 5.93 million+.

The growth rate of inquiries is as high as 149.94%, and the growth rate of transaction customers is as high as 158.92%.




In order to better help Chinese brands go overseas and promote "Internet + foreign trade", the first page has added multiple promotion models such as YOUTUBE, Tik Tok, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Facebook on the basis of the original "AMOY BRAND" to help enterprises market overseas.


Direction guidance


During the period, the Forestry Bureau spoke highly of the progress of the portal station in 2022 and put forward guidance requirements:

1. Strengthen the promotion of the Xiamen brand portal, improve the Internet+ awareness of foreign trade companies, accelerate the number of Xiamen brands going online, continue to incubate Xiamen brands for domestic and international markets, and help more Xiamen companies "go global."


2. Continue to sort out Xiamen’s advantageous industrial belt, focus on introducing advantageous industries, accelerate the development of foreign trade in outstanding industries, stabilize orders, and expand markets.


3. Increase the publicity of amoybrand.com, increase online and offline conference training, promote the effective connection of domestic and foreign trade, let more Xiamen enterprises use it, actively explore the international market, and prepare online for the next enterprises to "go global" Publicity preparation.



The first page will adhere to the mission of providing Chinese export enterprises with a profit-increasing tool and be the leader in promotional services for foreign trade enterprises.

Next, we will better improve amoybrand.com, let more Xiamen foreign trade companies use it, and increase the global influence of Chinese brands.

In 2023, let us embrace the changes and set sail together!