The multi-lingual optimization channel on the first page has recently launched 4 optional languages


Multilingual Optimization is a multilingual website construction and website SEO promotion service officially launched into the market by the first page in January 2013. It is upgraded on the basis of English Benefits, covering the construction and keyword optimization and promotion of many important language websites around the world, and fully meets the world's search needs. Since its entry into the market, Multilingual Optimization has helped many foreign trade companies successfully enter the international market. Sincerity leads to gold and stone. In the process of breakthrough and improvement, the first page multilingual optimization channel has newly launched 4 optional languages to help customers develop a broader international market.

The multilingual optimization channel on the first page has newly launched the following 4 optional languages:




Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam and is mainly distributed in areas where the Yue (also known as the Kinh) people live in the coastal plain of Vietnam. There are more than 50 million users. About 10,000 people speak Vietnamese in the coastal Kinh-inhabited areas of Fangcheng County, Guangxi, China. Vietnam's main imported commodities are: motorcycles, mechanical equipment and parts, textile raw materials, refined oil, steel, and leather. The main import markets are China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.




Indonesian (Indonesian) is the official language of Indonesia. There are about 17 million to 30 million people around the world who use Indonesian as their mother tongue. There are also about 140 million people who use Indonesian as a second language and can read and write proficiently. Speak Indonesian. Bahasa Indonesia is spoken throughout Indonesia and is also spoken by many in the Netherlands, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United States. Its main imported products are machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuel, and food.




Thai is the official language of Thailand, spoken by about 50 million people. There are 4 dialect areas: central, northern, northeastern and southern. Thailand's main imported products include: mechanical and electrical products and spare parts, industrial machinery, electronic product spare parts, automobile spare parts, building materials, crude oil, paper machinery, steel, integrated circuit boards, chemical products, computer equipment and spare parts, household appliances, Jewelry and gold ornaments, metal products, feed, fruits and vegetables, etc.




Arabic is the language of the Arab nation and is mainly spoken in Arab countries in West Asia and North Africa. It is the official language of 19 countries including Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the official language of 4 international organizations. There are more than 210 million people who speak Arabic as their mother tongue, and Arabic is the religious language of Muslims around the world. The total number of Arabic speakers worldwide has exceeded 400 million.


Saudi Arabia and Egypt are relatively well-known countries that use Arabic as their official language. Saudi Arabia, known as the "Oil Kingdom", ranks first in the world in terms of oil reserves and production, and is one of the richest countries in the world. Its imported products are mainly machinery and equipment, food, textiles and other consumer goods and chemical products. Egypt is a powerful country in Africa. Its comprehensive strength is second only to Nigeria and South Africa in Africa, and it is the third largest economy in Africa. Its main imported commodities are: machinery and equipment, grains, electrical equipment, fossil fuels, plastics and their products, steel and their products, wood and wood products, vehicles, animal feed, etc.


Since Arabic is written from right to left using Arabic letters, the particularity of typesetting makes it more difficult to develop this language. With the efforts of the first page technical team, Arabic has become the last new multilingual optimization channel. Add languages. For First Page Optimization, the development of the four new languages is a leap in technology and products, and for our customers, this represents more choices and opportunities.


In the face of the ever-changing international market, choose the multi-lingual optimization pass on the first page to accurately target your target customer groups with the power of multi-language.