The global distribution of cloud spaces for First Page is now complete


IDC predicts that by 2021, over 90% of Chinese enterprises will rely on a combination of local/private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs. By 2025, 50% of China's enterprise IT infrastructure spending will be allocated to public clouds, and one-fourth of enterprise IT applications will run on public cloud services.

To adapt to the market's evolving demands and align with global trends in the internet industry, First Page initiated the comprehensive upgrade of its clients' website servers to cloud spaces in May 2020.


Why go to cloud space?


1. Fluctuations in the international network place requirements on website business stability;


From a broad perspective, server stability technical strategies include: monitoring, redundancy, current limiting, downgrading, rollback, and retry. There are many factors that affect system stability:


Dependencies between services: A bug in a service causes the unavailability of other dependent services;


Business logic changes: business logic continues to iterate and evolve, and new and old services are incompatible;


Surge in access traffic: A sudden increase in traffic, such as during our promotional activities, causes excessive service pressure and reaches the upper limit of service capacity, leading to service collapse;


Abnormal machine aging: Any machine, like people, is subject to birth, aging, illness and death. With long-term operation, there will also be wear and tear, so a machine failure is also a possible abnormality.


2. The security and reliability of the website need to be continuously improved to cope with various emerging network attacks;


In recent years, Internet hackers have been extremely active. Major data leaks and major network attacks have almost never stopped. The targets of hacker attacks have also continued to expand: large enterprises, startups, development enterprises, government organizations, hospitals, etc. are all spared. . Facts have proven time and again that no individual or group is immune to sophisticated cyber attacks. Therefore, as buyers/service providers, we need to continuously improve the attack resistance and security of the server where the website is located.


3. As users upload more and more products, the amount of data on the website will continue to increase, and the requirements for website performance will continue to increase;


4. Both Google and buyers have higher and higher requirements for website response speed.


2. Characteristics and functions of distributed cloud space on the first page


1. All use ultra-high configuration data servers and global ultra-large bandwidth links to ensure access speed for all overseas buyers;


2. Multiple servers jointly process user data at the same time to minimize business interruption or slow access to user websites during peak traffic periods or attacks;


3. There are currently regional cloud centers in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, etc., forming a global blockchain cloud space interconnection and enabling joint acceleration of each node. In this way, a website in the cloud space can have multiple nodes in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, etc. at the same time, the speed can be optimized, and possible malicious attacks can be dispersed;


4. The new distributed cloud space can filter malicious IPs and block specified countries.


Our current cloud space has been deployed, and all cooperative customers have been transferred to the cloud space. The first page recommends that customers pay more attention to the speed experience of the end audience users!