The First Page Online Annual Conference


In the face of the global pandemic, First Page or chestrated a unique and innovative event on April 3, 2020 – the 2020 Virtual Annual Gala and Award Ceremony.

Linking the headquarters in Xiamen with the 7 nationwide branches through an online platform, the entire team came together virtually. The event served as a platform for reflection on the journey of the past year and sharing the collective accomplishments despite the challenges posed by the unprecedented circumstances.


Mr. Yin Tianji, Manager of the Google Greater China Channel Department, extends his heartfelt blessings.




Mr. Sun Rongyao, General Manager of First Page, delivered a keynote presentation titled "Faith! Making Choices Simple." He provided a profound interpretation of First Page's faith and mission, emphasizing the commitment to applying advanced internet information technology, perseverance, and value creation.



Mr. Zeng Hui, Marketing Director of First Page



Following that, Mr. Zeng Hui, the Marketing Director of First Page, delivered a speech, expressing gratitude to all clients and partners who have supported and assisted First Page. As the new year begins, despite the impact of the pandemic on the market, he firmly believes in a promising future. Together, everyone will work hand in hand to surpass dreams!

During the annual meeting, there was an interspersed award ceremony for the year 2019, announcing awards for various levels such as sales, backend services, outstanding newcomers, and excellent partners. Trophies and red envelopes were distributed accordingly. The award ceremony, accompanied by applause and laughter, greatly inspired all the partners of First Page.