The First Page New Year All-Staff Mobilization Conference


After bidding farewell to the Year of the Monkey, the partners at First Page have embarked on a new journey in 2017. On February 5th and 6th, First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. organized a two-day New Year's all-staff mobilization meeting at the Google AdWords Experience Center, involving the Xiamen Sales Headquarters, Hefei Technical Headquarters, Guangzhou Sales Team, and Shenzhen Sales Team.



The entire mobilization meeting revolved around work summaries, experience sharing, development plans, commendations, and encouragement. General Manager Mr. Sun Rongyao delivered a New Year's speech, acknowledging everyone's efforts in the past year and outlining the company's development direction for the future. This meeting served as an opportunity for many colleagues to meet for the first time, introducing themselves and fostering mutual familiarity.

Sales colleagues who achieved outstanding results in 2016 shared their experiences, facilitating mutual learning and progress. Department heads summarized the results of the 2016 work and planned the development direction for 2017. Recognition and rewards were given to teams and individuals who performed exceptionally well in 2016.



2016 marked the 11th anniversary of the establishment of First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. The company specially customized a gold ring for each employee with more than six years of service as a special thank-you for their six years of dedication.

In the new year, all employees at First Page will undoubtedly work even harder, united in their efforts to take First Page further and better serve each customer.