The first page gives back to 5-year old customers


Recently, in order to express gratitude to the Chinese foreign trade companies that have provided support and encouragement to First Page for a long time, First Page organized seven branches across the country to act together to send First Page’s sincere gratitude to old customers who have cooperated for more than five years. . To this end, a plaque of "First Page 5th Anniversary Gold Partner" was specially prepared to commemorate the more than 1,000 days when we worked together through hardships and hardships day and night.






It has been 15 years since the first page was officially established in 2006. It has offices in four provinces and seven cities across the country, serving more than 10,000 overseas companies. With everyone's support and encouragement, we officially cooperated with Google and the Xiamen Huli District Government in 2016 to build and operate the first Google overseas experience center in Fujian. Every growth of First Page is inseparable from everyone’s trust and support.


Because of everyone’s perseverance, First Page can be more confident and fearless on the way forward. Our growth is engraved with everyone's mark. In everyone, we see the confidence and determination of China's overseas enterprises to sail away, conquer the world, and refuse to be ordinary; just like Chinese foreign trade enterprises, First Page is also home to hundreds of millions of Chinese private enterprises. As a member, together we maintain the smallest nerve endings of China's private economy and jointly promote the development and take-off of China's economy.



Over the past fifteen years, we have witnessed every development and opportunity, dilemma and challenge in the foreign trade market. From the financial crisis in 2008 to the new crown epidemic in 2020; from the Olympic business opportunities in 2008 to the Chinese miracle in 2020. We firmly believe that Chinese foreign trade companies have the perseverance and ability to turn around in adversity and achieve nirvana in difficulties! We also firmly believe that the first page will provide more solid protection for more Chinese foreign trade companies! Fifteen years ago, we resolutely chose to be the sail that helps Chinese foreign trade companies sail overseas; fifteen years later, we still stand behind Chinese foreign trade companies and escort them to successfully go overseas.


I am grateful that we can meet each other in the vast sea of ​​people, and we are grateful for knowing each other and accompanying each other along the way. Let us work together to witness more five and ten years in the future...