The 2016 New Year Mobilization Meeting was successfully held


After having a happy New Year, we officially bid farewell to 2015, and our partners on First Page began a new journey in 2016. On February 16th and 17th, 2016, First Page organized a two-day New Year mobilization meeting for the Xiamen Sales Headquarters, Hefei Technology Headquarters, Guangzhou Sales Team, and Shenzhen Sales Team.


The wonderful sharing of the mobilization meeting by Mr. Sun Rongrong, General Manager of First Page


his conference was held at the Xiamen Sales Headquarters of First Page (Xiamen Google AdWords Experience Center). The main participants in this meeting were department directors and managers from each regional team. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together regional department directors and managers to summarize the work results of 2015, learn from and promote each other through in-depth face-to-face communication and exchanges, solve problems existing in the work of each department, and establish work goals for 2016.

took the stage to share their work experience and team work results in 2015. Mainly sharing content around customer service, website operation, technology research and development, team building, teamwork, work attitude, etc. From each partner's sharing, we can feel the growth and progress of team members in the past year. When talking about the work goals for 2016, the partners are full of positive energy, and the expectations for 2016 have become a powerful driving force for the team to work hard.


Sharing and communication among department directors, managers and team representatives


First Page would like to thank every partner for their hard work in the workplace. Because of everyone’s hard work and hard work, First Page has achieved a glorious 2015 for First Page. At the same time, the first page would like to thank the government and the vast number of new and old customers for their trust and support, which has pushed the development of the first page to a new milestone.


Major events on the first page of 2015:

★On February 11, 2015, First Page Network Technology officially became the core partner of Google in China. First Page Network Technology has the global promotion resources granted by Google, the world's largest search engine, to help First Page's customers integrate more professional, comprehensive and efficient foreign trade marketing and promotion plans.


★On May 18, 2015, First Page Network dispatched two training instructors to attend the international trade talent training conference held by China National Building Materials International Trade in Beijing, and conducted a week-long professional course training and guidance on foreign trade SEO, foreign trade business promotion and other skills. .


★On September 8, 2015, First Page Network Technology was invited to attend the 9.8 Investment Fair - a cross-border e-commerce industry resource matching meeting for countries along the Belt and Road.



★On September 30, 2015, Xiamen Page Network Technology officially settled in the Xiamen Free Trade Zone. Taking advantage of the reform and innovation advantages of the free trade zone and the strong support of the government, First Page Network Technology will further enhance the company's comprehensive strength and provide the foreign trade industry with more complete and high-quality professional foreign trade promotion services.


★On December 20, 2015, Mr. Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Page Network Technology, attended the 2015 Sixth Haixi Pearl Cup "Gulang Tingtao" Summit Forum as a guest speaker.



★In 2015, First Page Network Technology held a total of 30 offline foreign trade seminars. Among them, a total of 10 offline training courses were held in conjunction with major foreign trade chambers of commerce and associations to help members of chambers of commerce and associations learn professional knowledge and skills in foreign trade e-commerce.

★In 2015, First Page Network Technology conducted a total of 15 online YY training meetings.

With the efforts of all First Page partners and the support of the vast number of new and old customers and friends, First Page has drawn a successful end to 2015 and ushered in a new chapter in 2016: January 6, 2016, from Xiamen The Xiamen Google AdWords Experience Center jointly promoted by the Huli District People's Government, Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Xiamen First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched. Welcome new and old customers!

Address: Google AdWords Experience Center, 1st Floor, Meihua Building, West District, Huli High-tech Park, No. 73-75 Huan Road, Huli District, Xiamen City

nsultation hotline: 400-666-7710

In 2016, we will provide more comprehensive and better services, and work hand in hand with new and old customers to create new brilliance!