The 15th Anniversary Memoir of First Page


A seemingly plain and common phrase contains profound truth - 'Never forget why you started.'

No matter how long the journey has been or how far you've gone, never forget where you started from and why you set out on the journey.

Such constant self-reflection will make our journey clearer and our goals more steadfast.



Looking back 15 years, this is a story that belongs on the first page...




Early stage of business



The inception of The First Page dates back to 15 years ago when we were still utilizing the South Korean B2B platform, EC21, to assist foreign trade enterprises with their promotions.


The decision to start our own business stemmed from our boss at the time having other entrepreneurial plans, prompting us to consider our options and ultimately choose to stay and continue our efforts in foreign trade promotion.


With the general direction set, we utilized our past experiences as much as possible while adapting to new circumstances. We explored gradually, expanding our business from the Fujian market to the Guangdong market, seeking opportunities to serve more foreign trade clients.


Initially, everything seemed to be going smoothly until the financial crisis hit in 2008...





The changing economic landscape quickly saw domestic B2B platforms surpassing EC21, diminishing its effectiveness. Consequently, we had to contemplate the future direction of our foreign trade promotion efforts.


By chance, one of our clients mentioned Google SEO promotion to us. After thorough research, we concluded that this was a promising and worthwhile path to explore.


Moreover, the recent popularity of independent websites in recent years further validates the choice we made over a decade ago.




First try on SEO, meet the First Page



Although the financial crisis left us temporarily bruised, it also brought opportunities to break out of our comfort zone. Perhaps this is the dual nature of things.


Thus, we embarked on an extensive search for SEO technical teams.


At the time, there weren't many options available for us to consider. After contacting SEO technical teams from Hefei, Taiwan, and Malaysia, we meticulously evaluated them based on their qualifications, professionalism, and service quality. Our expectation at the time was that this wouldn't just be a collaboration; it could potentially be a strategic partnership for the future.


After a year of trial and error, we ultimately decided to partner with the Hefei First Page SEO technical team. Their keyword rankings not only rose quickly but also remained stable, which was a crucial factor in our decision-making process.



During the two years of collaboration, the Hefei First Page technical team rapidly expanded to meet our growing business needs. Our cooperation became increasingly seamless. In 2010, we made a significant decision – to merge directly with the Hefei First Page technical team, and the company's name became "First Page." This name has been used ever since, up to this day.




The rapid growth once again proved that we had chosen the right direction.

However, the development of things is always full of twists and turns.





Explore independent stations



At that time, while our SEO ranking results were stable, the conversion rate for our clients was poor. Upon analysis, we realized that simply achieving high rankings wasn't enough to truly assist foreign trade enterprises.

We discovered that many foreign trade company websites were subpar. Websites at that time often served as electronic business cards, with template designs and minimal functionality. Website development companies didn't typically cooperate to modify website code and functionality. However, as the world's largest search engine, Google had higher requirements for website functionality, code, and programming.

In response to this situation, in 2012, we established our own website development team and officially launched our website development services. We not only provided SEO optimization services but also helped clients create high-quality responsive websites designed to improve conversion rates.

Over the course of more than three years in this direction, based on feedback from clients, we became increasingly certain that this was the right path.




The Combination of SEO and SEM



As the team matured and the list of serviced enterprises grew longer, earning more recognition, we began to further expand channels to help foreign trade enterprises promote their businesses.

We initiated contact with Google and applied to join its official ecosystem, developing Google advertising services.

The synergy between Google advertising and SEO+SEM proved highly effective, leading to new heights in the promotion of our independent websites.

The following year, with the suggestion of Google and strong support from the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Huli District government, we secured the operation qualification for the sixth Google Overseas Experience Center in China.

This significant leap undoubtedly boosted the confidence of both our team and our clients.

From Google's feedback over these years, it's evident that we have consistently delivered satisfactory results time and time again.



With the successful operation of the Xiamen Google Overseas Experience Center, First Page's focus is not only on providing maximum value to clients based on existing conditions but also on its own upgrades.

At this stage of development, we have accumulated a group of high-quality clients, and the entire team has matured technically and aligned more closely in ideology. We have formed a cohesive force with clear direction, and our combat effectiveness is incomparable to the early days of entrepreneurship. Now is the time when we have the capability to provide comprehensive upgrade services to our many high-quality clients.




Since 2018 


Repositioning and comprehensive service upgrade.



At the management conference in 2018, we redefined our positioning - First Page is a service provider that offers profit-generating promotional tools for foreign trade enterprises.

With this new positioning, it signifies that we are not only addressing the traffic issues for our clients but also taking responsibility for their results. This has made us even more mission-driven.


Over the past two years, we have gradually introduced many services related to content operations and developed numerous tool-based products to enhance conversion. These include deep content operations, Shopping Buddy, Woodpecker Buyer Mining System, Keyword Digging Tool, and more. Additionally, we have upgraded our servers to cloud-based infrastructure, gradually forming our current marketing SaaS services.


Furthermore, to facilitate smoother website conversions and transactions for foreign trade enterprises, we established the Conversion and Transaction Support Department (PSTC) this year. We also implemented more precise manual operations in minor languages to help our foreign trade clients reach more buyers in their native language markets.


With these comprehensive service upgrades, customer loyalty has increased significantly. The trust and reliance they place in us make our team genuinely gratified and proud.


Looking back on the desolate past, whether in storm or calm, from the inception of First Page until now, spanning over a decade, outsiders may perceive it as filled with various challenges. However, from the perspective of First Page, it's merely a cycle of encountering problems, seeking solutions, and resolving issues. It's a continuous process of adjustment, direction locking, and self-transformation.

Today, First Page stands as one of the top-performing integrated marketing service providers for foreign trade. Perhaps it's luck, or perhaps it's the result of unwavering belief.

All that has passed is but a prologue. Having weathered storms, we face the future with equanimity, always maintaining an optimistic and clear mindset, grounded in reality, and moving forward steadily with every step.



we are extending our mature services to global export enterprises. We have grander ambitions, aiming to provide profit-generating promotional tools for export enterprises worldwide.