Is Google PR really not important to website operations?


Page level was invented by Google, and now it seems to have become a cheating method for many website operators. Because Google emphasizes web page level, many people are buying and selling links and PR. Some people use software to leave a lot of spam links in forum blogs.


There are many people who believe that page level is no longer important. Google PR may be part of Google's public relations strategy, which is to treat page level as a hot topic for everyone to speculate and study to maintain eyeball appeal. Google itself has reduced the importance of PR to a very low level in its algorithm.


But on the other hand, many people believe that Google PR is still one of the very important ranking factors. Matt Cutts once refuted the view of a webmaster that Google PR only has entertainment effects. He said, I cannot agree with this view. Thousands of people use the PR value displayed on the toolbar to judge the quality of web pages every day.

Of course, Matt Cutts' words are also somewhat ambiguous. He was talking about judging the quality of web pages, but he did not say whether PR is important or not in the ranking algorithm.

I personally think that Google page level is still relatively important so far.

We should distinguish between toolbar PR and real PR. The PR value we see in the Google toolbar is not the real PR value in Google's internal database. Toolbar PR is only updated every few months. The actual PR used in the algorithm is a continuous update process. Therefore, the relationship between PR and ranking that we can see in the toolbar does not indicate the impact of real PR on ranking.

In addition, Google may display different PR values in the toolbar even after the toolbar PR has just been updated. Who can guarantee that the PR value Google shows us is the real PR value?

Mtt Cutts and Google Guy both paid great attention to the difference between "visible or toolbar PR" and "real PR" in their posts.

The depth and frequency with which spiders crawl web pages have a decisive impact. The higher the page level, the more frequently Google spiders will crawl your site. And will follow deeper links. This will also bring more content on the website to be included, which will naturally affect your Google ranking. This is something Matt Cutts has affirmed many times.

A relatively high PageRank is conducive to gaining links. When I receive a link request, it is essential to check the PR value of the link page. Although PR cannot indicate the quality of a website in some cases, if the PR value is low, the number of web pages is small, and the web content is unprofessional, this will naturally affect my decision to exchange links.

Links that are closely related to page level are definitely very important in Google rankings. It's also a chicken and egg problem. If you have more links, the page level will be higher, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s the large number of links or the PR value. But what is certain is that the more links from high-quality web pages, the better it will be for your ranking.

If the PR value of the website is not high, but no cheating methods are found, and the website content is rich and professional, it will not prevent me from linking to his website. So Google PR does not equal website quality, but it is at least a signal to measure website quality.

At the same time, the link text, even the text before and after the link, and the theme of the link page itself, all have an impact on rankings.

Although the weight of real PR in Google's ranking algorithm is not as high as before, it should still be one of the important factors by now. Some people believe that the real PR value plays a threshold role. That is to say, for searches of certain popular keywords, the PR value must reach a certain number before it can be considered in the ranking.

There are many people who have put forward the trust level theory, arguing that Google is now more inclined to give web pages a trust level. The higher the trust level, the higher the ranking and link voting rate. This level of trust cannot be determined from any other signal. I feel that the PR value reflects the level of trust from at least a certain perspective.

I believe PR value is the last factor to be considered, all other things being equal. But in certain keyword searches where competition is fierce, this can also be the last straw.

Overall, I think Google page level is still a very important factor. However, obtaining web page level is a natural result of search engine optimization work. There is no need to worry about obtaining high PR!

As for those webmaster friends who buy a large number of black links in order to increase the PR of their own websites, I just want to say one thing, do not deliberately do some actions for one-sided pursuit, because such actions are not Everything ends well.