Google special foreign trade integrated marketing symposium


On July 21st and 22nd, 2015, the "Google Special Foreign Trade Integrated Marketing Symposium" jointly organized by First Page Network Technology and Google was held grandly at Wanda Vista Hotel in Quanzhou and Peony International Hotel in Xiamen respectively. The two meetings attracted the enthusiastic participation of more than 300 foreign trade partners, who conducted learning, sharing and interactive exchanges through the meetings.



Google Special Foreign Trade Integrated Marketing Symposium (7.21 Quanzhou Station)




Google Special Foreign Trade Integrated Marketing Symposium (7.22 Xiamen Station)


The meeting started with Ms. Wang Jingjing, senior manager of Google Channel Business Department, sharing with the partners at the venue on the theme of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing Selling (Moving) to the World". Manager Wang, who has 8 years of experience in Google operations, pointed out that today's world is a rapidly developing digital world, and the Internet changes life. When doing foreign trade and exploring overseas markets, we should know how the Internet affects consumer behavior? How can foreign trade companies make good use of this Internet trend to find customers? Google Manager Wang concluded through data display analysis: "Search engines have become the first source of information for customers. Search engine marketing has become unlimited opportunities for export companies." Regarding how traditional export companies can break through the difficulties and make Made in China realize China's intelligent According to the report, Google Manager Wang gave three suggestions for export marketing for enterprises: (1) Use search engine marketing to realize the global vision of foreign trade companies; (2) Use Google AdWords to realize brand cultivation; (3) Use digital marketing to accelerate market and customer development. In addition to professional analysis and explanation, Google Manager Wang shared Google service cases to let foreign trade partners at the venue further understand Google's efficient integrated marketing communication services.


Ms. Wang Jingjing, Senior Manager of Google Channel Business Unit




Following the wonderful sharing by Google Manager Wang, Mr. Sun Rongrong, General Manager of First Page Network Technology, made further sharing for foreign trade partners. Mr. Sun Rongrong, who has 15 years of experience in foreign trade promotion management, first expressed the enterprise development strategy with the words "Talk to simplicity, follow the trend". He pointed out that Google has the simplest web page, but it is the world's largest Internet promotion platform. More than 10 million companies around the world use Google AdWords every day. This is a major trend in Internet promotion. So how to make good use of Google, a powerful search engine platform, to help foreign trade companies develop? In response to this problem, Mr. Sun Rongrong explained to everyone how companies can do a good job in SEM and how to do a good job in website SEO, analyzed the differences and connections between SEM and SEO, and pointed out that SEO+SEM has the overseas advantages of 1+1>3 Marketing promotion effect.


Mr. Sun Rongrong, General Manager of First Page Network Technology



After the wonderful and professional sharing by the two lecturers, the venue entered an interactive Q&A session. The foreign trade partners present wrote their questions on slips of paper, which were collected by First Page network staff on site, and then the lecturers explained the questions one by one. The strong atmosphere of learning and sharing at the venue made us deeply understand that in the rapidly developing Internet environment, foreign trade companies are deeply thinking about "Internet +" and are eager to find foreign trade marketing strategies that are in line with the times. The series of guidance and training meetings organized by First Page Network Technology are also held to comply with the general trend of the Internet and help more foreign trade companies solve practical problems such as export trade promotion.



This "Google Special Foreign Trade Integrated Marketing Symposium" ended in a strong interactive Q&A atmosphere. After the meeting, there were still many foreign trade friends who stayed to have further exchanges and discussions with the lecturers and First Page staff.