Google Southern China Product Manager conducts product training


On November 27, Mr. Nie Chao, product manager of Google Southern China, visited the Xiamen sales headquarters of FirstPage Network Technology for product training. This training includes three parts: Google introduction, operation explanation, and interactive Q&A. Through this professional product training, each of our members will have an in-depth understanding of Google products and master product application skills.



"What kind of company is Google?" Mr. Nie Chao asked this crucial question at the beginning of the product training meeting. The positioning of a company is very important, as it determines the height of the company and its products. He emphasized: Google is a technology company and an innovation company. It is precisely because of this positioning that Google products can be superior and competitive at their height. In the future, we are confident that we can make good use of Google's high-quality products to serve our customers more comprehensively.



Today, Google has become the world's largest search, network alliance, and mobile advertising platform. Google advertising covers more than 220 countries, more than 100 languages, and more than 10 million advertisers; Google search exceeds 4 billion searches per day, 181 international domain names, and 132 different languages; Google display advertising monthly impressions exceed 20 trillion, exceeding 2 billion videos are played on Youtube; monthly mobile advertising impressions exceed 200 billion, covering 160 countries, with 400,000+ mobile website and application partners.


The success of Google also carries the success and glory of many companies. Each of our members worked hard to learn the products and improve their professional skills in this product training in order to better serve each of our customers in the future and create More corporate glory.