Foreign trade enterprise website promotion


In recent years, the promotion effects of many platforms have become worse year by year. Are there any other ways that foreign trade companies can take advantage of them?


Why has the website been in use for many years but no orders have come from the corporate website?


Why... There are many puzzles to solve.


However, when you truly understand the true meaning of SEO (search engine optimization) and how to use the website, you will see the blue sky.


First of all, I would like to ask, "What is the purpose of corporate promotion?" "We want orders!" Platform competition is becoming increasingly fierce. If you want orders, you need to fight for price, ability, and character. If your corporate website is online and just posts products and news, your potential customers will have no way of finding your website. Is such a website still meaningful? The answer is definitely no. Therefore, we need to make good use of our website to rank it, actively attract traffic, and use multi-channel promotion methods to bring the most practical marketing effect to the website. Obviously, the relationship between the three is not necessarily proportional. Ranking does not necessarily mean traffic, traffic does not necessarily mean consultation volume, nor business volume. Therefore, friends, we must treat the relationship between them correctly. First of all, you must make your website findable. Your website needs the keyword ranking of search engines. Only when the keyword ranking of the website is improved, the website will be able to be found. There is exposure, and only with exposure will there be converted inquiries and business volume. First Page Network specifically points out the following points that need attention for reference only.


1. The keyword setting of the corporate website is inaccurate and the website weight is very low.


Keyword setting is a very important task. Webmasters who do optimization all know this. However, it is often easy for companies to hastily determine the core keywords of the website. We have come across many companies that require website keyword settings to be popular keywords for industry products. Are you the leader in this industry? Is it a world-renowned brand? Is it a Fortune 500 company? Or does your website have a long history? If there is no reason to let search engines rank you for high-index popular keywords.

If a website needs a high ranking, it must first have a high website weight. The weight of the website is closely related to the keyword ranking. If a website wants to get a good keyword ranking, it not only needs strong external links, but also high-quality content. The higher the weight of the website, the keyword ranking will naturally increase due to the increase in the weight of the website. This creates the effect that if the weight of the website is good, "one person can achieve the goal, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven".

Note: Factors that affect the website (weight) include: internal links, page inclusion, original content, backlinks, friendly links, keyword rankings, website traffic, domain name age, space, snapshots, etc.


2. The website does not pay attention to the power of long-tail keywords. Precisely positioned related words have a high conversion rate.


It is okay to set core keywords that meet the requirements of enterprise products, but we need to understand that the number of "core keywords" is limited. I have never seen any company set up hundreds of core keywords. In other words, the traffic brought by core keywords alone is very small. It is impossible to expect core keywords to create good results for you. Therefore, the company's website should not be optimized because of the optimization of core keyword rankings. Long-tail keywords must be paid attention to. If long-tail keywords can be regarded as the key optimization of the company's website, then your website will have the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. How to filter the long tail? The simplest way is to make a combination of product words and think about what potential customers think, such as core product words + product attribute words + manufacturer (manufacturer), etc., or use keyword tools on the Internet to filter combinations. If the optimization is limited to core word rankings, the website will not bring you high conversion traffic.


3. The company’s external resources are not integrated and utilized. Multilingual search optimization allows you to accurately grasp the potential market.


The value of a professional SEO company is not only reflected in technology, but what enterprises should value most is the resources in the hands of a good SEO company. The so-called external resources are not how many free B2B or B2C business platforms you sign up for. We can also see from the fact that some excellent foreign trade websites have obtained high resources from search engines in recent years that single-language matching search engines, core keyword optimization, and the era of exclusively publishing external links have never been favored.

An excellent SEO optimization company will not only promote your website through English search, but also promote it to different search engines around the world according to the company's market needs. A multilingual website will allow potential buyers to browse your website in their native language. These are all It is the best user experience for corporate websites and the mainstream trend of corporate websites. At the same time, excellent SEO companies will also teach companies how to create their own external resource libraries (if not, then quickly let the first page network teach you to create resources), such as corporate website blogs, Facebook, Twitter, google+ and other forums or communities, Corporate blogs can publish corporate information in a timely manner, word-of-mouth communities can set up corporate pages, publish industry information, etc. to increase corporate exposure, or use the community platform account resources of your cooperative buyers, etc., so that corporate self-promotion can also achieve twice the result with half the effort. ˆ


We need to correctly look at the current situation of our website and start to carefully explore how to use the corporate website from now on? How to promote your website through multiple channels? Recognize your current position and make our foreign trade promotion more in line with the company's own development!