First Page represented Google Xiamen at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Thousand People Forum Conference


On the morning of April 13, 2016, the "2016 Xiamen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Thousand Forum Conference" was held at Xiamen International Held at the Convention Center. First Page Network Technology attended this forum on behalf of Google Xiamen. Mr. Ye Rongsheng, Marketing Director of First Page, appeared at the forum as a representative of Google Xiamen's entrepreneurial elite.



This thousand-person forum brings together venture capitalists and outstanding makers. It is a grand gathering for Xiamen to embrace makers from all walks of life and a feast of ideas for innovative entrepreneurs to communicate and promote each other. Big names in the industry have successively shared their entrepreneurial journeys and views on the "windows" of entrepreneurship at the forum; the forum also invited many makers who have performed well in multiple fields to give their own experiences. In the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Elite Appearance" session, Google Xiamen representative - First Page Marketing Director Mr. Ye Rongsheng said at the forum that Google Xiamen's plan in the next three years is to increase online exports by US$1 billion for 3,000 companies in Fujian. Cultivating 5,000 Internet marketing talents for Fujian is also the main goal of the Xiamen Google AdWords Experience Center operated by the first page to land in Xiamen.



Mr. Ye Rongsheng, Marketing Director of First Page, appeared at the forum and delivered a speech


The Xiamen Google AdWords Experience Center will provide consultation and services to more small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, helping to promote the emergence and progress of innovation and entrepreneurship in Xiamen.