First Page is invited to participate in the Google Greater China Partner Summit


On December 12, the Google Greater China Partner Summit was held in Xiamen, and First Page Network Technology was invited to participate.

The summit is titled "Spread your wings and shine on the new international stage". Development has become the theme of the times. Entering the international stage is the general trend and the only choice for the development of contemporary enterprises.

Google’s decision to hold the 2017 Partner Summit in Xiamen is also meaningful. As the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, Xiamen successfully hosted the BRICS Summit in September 2017. Xiamen is located on the southeast coast of China. It is an important starting point of the Maritime Silk Road and an important channel connecting the east and west coasts of the Taiwan Strait. It is the only place that passes through the north-south thoroughfare on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is also the main ancestral home of overseas Chinese and compatriots in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. It has a glorious history, a unique location, and has obvious advantages such as a developed private economy and a good foundation for the marine economy. It is in the process of building the 21st century Maritime Silk Road. It plays a very important role in the road.

As the only operator of the Google AdWords experience center in Xiamen and the first in Fujian, First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. is deeply nourished by the land of Xiamen. It bears the imprint of old Xiamen’s pragmatism, diligence and humility, and also has the innovation and development of new Xiamen. , The spirit of daring to be the first. As a core partner of Google, we have been serving every customer with a rigorous and serious attitude for many years. The first page has achieved breakthrough development in the field of foreign trade promotion with a high-efficiency, scientific and systematic model, with the most front-end The latest technology and resources, the latest methods and means keep our customers at the forefront.


For more than ten years from 2006 to 2017, we have continued to grow, develop, and make breakthroughs, just to become a more professional foreign trade promotion service company. After more than ten years of precipitation and accumulation, we have a better understanding of Google's rules and are full of respect for this industry: it is an inevitable result for Chinese foreign trade companies to go global through Google. As bystanders on the road to foreign trade, we are well aware of the dangers and difficulties of this road. As a company that specializes in providing foreign trade services, we can only be worthy of the word "professional" if we truly implement customers' promotion needs and achieve customer promotion goals.


Shining on the new international stage, First Page will continue to work hard.