First Page attends the WISH Cross-Border E-commerce Platform Presentation Event


On the afternoon of August 4, 2016, the "2016 WISH Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform Fujian Special Customer Promotion Conference," organized by China Post Group Fujian Branch and Shanghai WISH Network Technology, was held at the Peony International Hotel in Xiamen. First Page & Google AdWords Experience Center was invited to attend the conference.



WISH is the largest mobile cross-border e-commerce platform in North America, with the operational philosophy of helping merchants sell things in the fastest and simplest way. Over 89% of WISH merchants come from China. This promotion conference, held in Fujian, was not only an excellent opportunity for Fujian foreign trade enterprises to fully understand the mobile cross-border platform but also an inspiration and collision of new ideas for cross-border e-commerce.

During the conference, Mr. Zeng Hui, Marketing Director of First Page, shared the application of Google's big data in attracting traffic on cross-border e-commerce platforms and its use in overseas promotion channels for foreign trade enterprises. Regarding cross-border e-commerce traffic issues, First Page has over 10 years of professional experience in SEO optimization and traffic generation. Leveraging the technology and resources authorized by Google, the Xiamen Google AdWords Experience Center, operated by First Page, has a leading industry position in overseas promotion and traffic acquisition. First Page & Xiamen Google AdWords Experience Center plans to increase the online export volume by $1 billion for 3,000 Fujian enterprises within three years. By attending the WISH Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform Promotion Conference, they hope to help more foreign trade enterprises broaden their international trade perspectives and find better solutions for cross-border e-commerce.



As a cross-border e-commerce platform, solving the platform and traffic issues alone is not enough; there needs to be comprehensive logistic support. As the host of the promotion conference, China Post, specifically shared the "International Small Packet" service. With the vast network of the "Universal Postal Union," covering over 200 countries or regions worldwide, it can provide comprehensive and high-quality logistics services for cross-border e-commerce foreign trade enterprises.

The WISH Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform Promotion Conference successfully concluded after comprehensive sharing and analysis in three major aspects: platform, traffic, and logistics. It addressed many doubts of the participating foreign trade enterprise guests about cross-border e-commerce. Expecting the WISH platform to become even more powerful in the future, with its massive traffic, helping more foreign trade enterprises sell more products globally.