Exchange meeting for new and old employees of the First Page Benefit Network Department



On August 6, 2014, the exchange meeting for new and old employees and the mid-year summary meeting were successfully held by the First Page Benefit Network department. The meeting lasted more than 2 hours and was chaired by Ding Juan, Director of Benefit Network. The theme of the meeting was "Thanksgiving" Thank you for summarizing the communication and feedback." The meeting achieved remarkable results.

Benefit Network is composed of several small departments. The development of a task requires the cooperation of several departments to be successfully completed. It is like a large chain. Each small department is a link in the chain, supporting and cooperating with each other. A break in any one position may lead to the collapse of the entire chain. Therefore, in terms of the nature of the work, the work of each department is not classified as high or low, but is an important link in the chain. The most important thing is often not the central technical link, but the initial foundation and foundation links. We pay special attention to the initial preparation and foundation stages. In this meeting, through interactive exchanges between new and old employees, we emphasized the importance of each department, its position, and its main role. The department is composed of people. Of course, the importance of department work is the importance of personnel execution.

No matter which company, talent is always the greatest wealth. As long as there are people, nothing is impossible. The first page pays special attention to the absorption, training and appointment of talents. Selecting, retaining and employing people are our eternal themes. Firstpage's emphasis on talents is not only reflected in the work and salary itself, but also in the happiness and value that work brings to employees. Our goal is happy work and happy life. At this meeting, the thing I heard the most was thank you. I truly feel: We have basically done it, and these are enough. These overriding comments also greatly increased the enthusiasm of our seniors. Compared to newcomers, to some extent we need a sense of security and reassurance. With you, the future of First Page will be better. Of course, First Page will also make everyone happier and more satisfied in their future work and life.




It’s only two days since we started this year’s work on February 8th. It’s so fast that people can’t be prepared. I think we can only see the rows of work records and mental journey in the monthly work summary. Looking back at the work of the past six months, it seems very hard, but we have a full sense of accomplishment and full harvest.

What I repeatedly mentioned at the meeting was the word stability. This is our key label for the second half of the year. The stability of work and the stability of the team. The fast-paced work of the Internet requires us to be in a state of high blood pressure and high passion every day, but with it On the contrary, Internet work is the one that requires the most care and pursuit of perfection. Therefore, as qualified employees of Internet companies, we must be mentally passionate and enthusiastic, but we must be stable in operation and careful in thinking, otherwise We can never defeat the diligent and careful spiders of search engines.


The work continues, and we will continue to maintain our passion and enthusiasm for the work, make our work more perfect, and serve each of our customers well, we can do it!