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In recent years, Xiamen's foreign trade companies have been actively participating in exhibitions around the world, and their reliance on global exhibitions to expand their markets is also increasing day by day. However, due to the new pneumonia epidemic, holding these events has the risk of spreading the infection, so organizers have canceled or postponed them. This has severely affected the market expansion of Xiamen's foreign trade companies.

Xiamen Brand Overseas Portal (AMOY BRAND) is an overseas brand marketing promotion website led by the Xiamen Municipal Commerce Bureau, with the Xiamen Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export assisting in operation and management, and Xiamen First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. providing relevant technical support. It aims to improve the online marketing capabilities of Xiamen's foreign trade companies and promote foreign trade brand companies to accelerate their digitalization process.

First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "First Page") was officially established in 2006. After 16 years of steady development, First Page has now become a powerful integrated foreign trade promotion service enterprise with a core of more than 100 people. Technical team.

In February 2015, Page One officially became the core partner of Google, the world's largest search engine, in China. In January 2016, the Xiamen Huli District People’s Government, Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly promoted the first Xiamen Google Overseas Experience Center in Fujian Province and the sixth nationwide in Xiamen Lake. Li High-tech Park was officially launched, and the first page was responsible for project operations.

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