The Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce's research trip for foreign trade enterprises


On January 17, 2018, Zheng Yao, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Commerce Bureau, and his delegation, accompanied by Sun Rongrong, general manager of First Page Network Technology, conducted an on-site investigation of six foreign trade export companies that cooperated with First Page Network Technology. We discussed the general trend of foreign trade development with the enterprise, and inquired in detail about the enterprise's current development situation, future development plans, overseas market layout, development obstacles and difficulties, and most importantly, directly asked what policies the government needs to provide from the enterprise's perspective. s help.

Leaders of the Commerce Bureau are very familiar with the foreign trade industry and are also very concerned about the transformation of foreign trade enterprises. Traditional foreign trade companies are also painstakingly looking for new business models for transformation, and private companies are constantly adjusting their business models. In the final analysis, they are all for better development space.

Adam Smith once proposed the theory of the "invisible hand", which means that under normal circumstances, the market will maintain its healthy operation through its internal mechanisms, and gradually form the price mechanism, supply and demand mechanism and competition mechanism in the market economy. These mechanisms are like an invisible hand, controlling everyone in the dark and consciously operating in accordance with market laws. Keynes proposed macro-control, that is, the government uses policies, regulations, plans and other means to regulate and intervene in economic operating conditions and economic relationships to ensure the sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development of the national economy. The visible hand and the invisible hand, market regulation and macro-control are all basic contents of the socialist market economic system, and both are indispensable. Macroeconomic control is carried out on the basis of market regulation, so policy formulation must be based on the market, and research is particularly important.

There are six companies a day, and each company must be properly inquired, each company's problems must be understood, and each company's demands must be understood. At the end of the night, several leaders expressed their intention to go back to the bureau to summarize today's work to guide the next work. As public servants of the people, the leaders of the Commerce Bureau have done their best.

Mr. Lin of Xiamen Jinduoxia Network Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang of Xiamen Jinlianke Import Co., Ltd., Mr. Xu of Xiamen Hexin E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen of Xiamen Hesiyunuo Import and Export Co., Ltd., Xiamen Deruihua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Mr. Li of the company and Mr. Yu of Xiamen Youmeiwo Electric Co., Ltd. have worked hard in foreign trade for many years. They are witnesses and participants of the several changes in Xiamen's foreign trade industry. They are well aware of the experience and difficulties in the development process of foreign trade enterprises. Foreign trade The industry has become an inseparable part of their lives, so they have urgent requirements and ardent desires for the development of foreign trade. Warehousing and logistics, talent training models, overseas layout, and solving local market problems all have their own methods and insights. All business leaders are the epitome of Fujian businessmen in the great wave of economic globalization. They have the consistent pioneering spirit of Fujian businessmen and have achieved outstanding results in the turbulent international market.

As a service provider for foreign trade enterprises, First Page Network Technology is willing to serve as a bridge between the government and enterprises, and the three parties will jointly promote the further prosperity of the entire foreign trade industry. We are also willing to provide assistance in the process of transformation of traditional enterprises. First Page Network Technology has provided services to more than 8,000 enterprises. Through SEO, SEM, and SNS, we provide all-round promotion and diversion channel resources, and are committed to keyword optimization as the core. , with the direction of researching search engine optimization, the direction of providing accurate network-wide traffic, and the ultimate goal of realizing monetization, it is expected to increase export volume by more than 1 billion US dollars.


Enterprises have also raised the issue that talents are difficult to find. The first page disseminates foreign trade network marketing knowledge through four first page schools in each issue, public welfare lectures, internal corporate training, foreign trade association invitation talks, etc., with more than 20 An experienced foreign trade lecturer who has cumulatively influenced more than 10,000 foreign trade people.


In 2018, First Page Network Technology will work with foreign trade companies to jointly promote the development of Xiamen's foreign trade industry and provide foreign trade companies with more and better services.