The First Page: Xiamen Station, Offline Foreign Trade Enterprise Seminar in September


Following the offline foreign trade enterprise seminars held in Shenzhen, Quanzhou and Guangzhou in August, on September 18, First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. successfully launched an e-commerce with the theme of "No Destruction, No Establishment, Innovation and Development" at the Xiamen Sheraton Hotel. seminar. This meeting mainly discusses some of the obstacles and confusions that foreign trade corporate customers may face in the development of e-commerce, and helps foreign trade corporate customers solve the difficulties faced by enterprises.




In such a fierce e-commerce competitive environment, many foreign trade companies have felt unprecedented pressure, and seeking innovation and breakthroughs is the key to corporate development. Therefore, this meeting welcomed the enthusiastic participation of nearly a hundred foreign trade company leaders, who discussed the development path of foreign trade companies with FirstPage.


The main lecturer of this seminar is Mr. Sun Rongrong, who has 15 years of experience in online promotion and 6 years of practical B2C e-commerce operation experience. The conference site was full of guests and the atmosphere was lively. At the beginning of the meeting, the lecturer explained the current dilemma of foreign trade promotion to the guests straight to the point, and analyzed and discussed specific issues, such as how to improve search engine rankings, how to set keywords, etc.





The first page offline seminar is a platform that allows for full interactive communication. The conference specially sets up an interactive Q&A session. Guests can ask any questions they have about the conference content. The lecturer will patiently answer each question. 


Due to the large number of participants and limited time, some participants still had unanswered questions after the meeting. The first page offline seminar provides guests with opportunities for post-session consultation and communication. If guests are confused after the session, they can stay for further discussion and communication with the lecturers and on-site staff.




This offline seminar ended successfully in a close atmosphere of communication and discussion. In the interactive communication, listening to the problems encountered by foreign trade customers, helping companies make suggestions, and truly helping customers is the spirit of the first page offline seminar. If you are interested in our conference, or your company has any confusion, please contact us for overseas promotion services.