Hefei FirstPage Online "E-Commerce Park Cup" Competition


On December 8, 2014, in response to General Secretary Xi's speech on "Sports is an important symbol of social development and human progress", to improve the development level of basketball and enhance friendship among corporate employees, the "E-Commerce Park Cup" basketball league and cheerleading team The competition kicked off grandly at Hefei Shushan International E-Commerce Industrial Park. A total of 16 teams participated in this competition, and the Hefei Page Network team actively participated in it, showing their passionate and energetic team style.


Whether on the basketball court or in the cheerleading competition, the members of the First Page Network are united and motivated, fully demonstrating the unique sportsmanship of athletes. Every pass, every look, every movement, every smile reflects the tacit understanding and confidence that a team has built up over a long period of time. First Page Network, a technical team of 100 people with 8 years of search engine optimization experience, the spirit of teamwork has been deeply rooted in the hearts of every member. The unity and momentum on the field are a reflection of our daily work. In order to better serve each of our customers, we need to trust each other, cooperate tacitly, and strive to do our best in every job.



It is said that the most important thing in competition is participation. Yes, competition should be carried out with a broad mind of "friendship first, competition second". On the field, while showing our own strength, our team respects its opponents, competes harmoniously with them, learns from each other, and promotes each other. The competition field is like competition in the market. Although it is fierce, FirstPage Network has always adhered to the principle of healthy competition to gallop in the market and prove its value with strength. This is also the driving force behind the first page network to win the trust of customers and obtain good reputation among customers over the years.


With the conclusion of the closing ceremony, this "E-Commerce Park Cup" basketball league and cheerleading competition ended successfully on December 25. The result of the competition is not important, what is important is the experience gained by our team in the competition. While deeply understanding the importance of physical fitness, let our team feel different team strengths, enhance cohesion, and create a better and stronger first page network technology service team.