Firstpage August's offline foreign trade enterprise seminar concluded successfully


Offline foreign trade enterprise seminars and small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprise summit forums hosted by First Page Network Technology Co., Ltd. were held in Shenzhen, Quanzhou, and Guangzhou on August 20-21, 2014. This seminar attracted enthusiastic attention and participation from many foreign trade companies. The meeting mainly focused on a series of issues such as how companies solve crises and how to stand out in the fiercely competitive e-commerce environment.


On August 20, the foreign trade enterprise seminar kicked off at Shenzhen Shengtingyuan 5-star hotel and Quanzhou Wanda Vista 5-star hotel. The venue was full of guests. Among them, about 60 companies participated in the Shenzhen seminar, and about 40 companies participated in the Quanzhou seminar.


Shenzhen Shengtingyuan 5-star hotel seminar on August 20th




Quanzhou Wanda Vista 5-star hotel seminar on August 20




On August 21st, this foreign trade enterprise seminar was held at the Guangzhou Veni International 4-star Hotel. The atmosphere was intense, with about 70 or 80 companies present to participate in the seminar.

On August 21st, Guangzhou Venetian International 4-star hotel seminar site




This seminar will be hosted by Mr. Sun Rongrong, who has 15 years of online promotion experience and 6 years of practical B2C e-commerce operation experience, and Mr. Zeng Hui, who has 10 years of Internet promotion experience and has provided professional online promotion training and consulting for nearly 10,000 companies. The main lecturer attended this meeting. The main lecturer shared and discussed with the business elites on the scene the corporate marketing layout under the crisis and how companies should innovate operations, transform and upgrade. He also put forward his professional views on the development trend of e-commerce in the next five years. How a foreign trade enterprise should solve corporate problems and adapt to the development trend of e-commerce was a focus of the discussion at the meeting. To this end, the main lecturer of the conference also shared with the guests some of the current mainstream practices of advanced foreign trade companies. For example, and, the first page of network technology services, are e-commerce platforms for foreign trade companies.


At present, the main traffic of many B2B platforms comes from search engine channels. In this seminar, the discussion on how to adapt to the development trend of e-commerce and the issue of search engine optimization became a hot topic at the meeting. Many companies participating in this seminar are full of expectations for the corporate blueprint of reducing dependence on B2B platforms and improving their overseas promotion competitiveness through search engine optimization.


At this point, the First Page Network Technology Foreign Trade Enterprise Seminar in August 2014 has been successfully concluded. We believe that this seminar can bring more inspiration to enterprises and help more enterprises solve problems and break through crises. If your business is facing confusion, we would like to discuss it in depth with you.