First Page is invited to attend the Quanzhou Cross-Border E-commerce Association New Year's Eve Gala


On December 29, 2016, First Page was invited to attend the theme New Year's Eve party "Dream Flying YOUNG" organized by the Quanzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association. Representatives from First Page, including Director Zeng Hui, expressed gratitude for the association's warm invitation and conveyed best wishes for its development.


The Quanzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, with the motto "Developing Together, Cooperating for Win-Win," focuses on service as its primary method. Its goal is to promote, build, and share together, gathering industry strengths to build a powerful e-commerce city. It serves as the central hub for cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the Quanzhou region, making significant contributions to local foreign trade companies.

Since its establishment, the Quanzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association has maintained a good cooperative relationship with First Page Network Technology. First Page has actively contributed by creating the association's official website. The two parties collaborated on hosting a thematic seminar on integrated marketing for overseas markets, setting an example for cooperation between Quanzhou and Xiamen. In 2017, both sides plan to continue this friendly cooperation, ensuring mutual benefits. First Page Network Technology extends heartfelt wishes to the Quanzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, hoping for the continued success and prosperity of e-commerce in Quanzhou in the coming year.