First Page interacts with Google Greater China Channel Business Division.


On June 28, 2016, the 6th APEC E-Commerce Industry and Commerce Alliance Sub-Forum and a sub-forum with the theme of "Cross-border E-commerce Promotes the Foreign Trade Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" organized by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Ministry of Commerce of China - Jinjiang City The second cross-border e-commerce summit was held in Jinjiang. This forum invited Internet business figures to share exciting topics. They have rich practical professional experience and profound insights in areas such as Internet marketing and cross-border e-commerce development strategies.


Bai Yong, general manager of the Greater China Channel Division of Google, the world's largest search engine, attended this forum and shared the theme of "Harnessing Digital Technology to Develop Global Markets". In this forum, Mr. Sun Rongrong, General Manager of First page, and Mr. Bai Yong, General Manager of Google’s Greater China Channel Division, gathered again to further discuss the application strategies of Google’s digital marketing in the transformation and development of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises.


Mr. Bai Yong, General Manager of Google Greater China Channel Division (right)Photo with Mr. Sun Rongrong (left)